Black and Brown Trans Lives Matter in Business
Monday, July 20th | 4PM - 6PM
On Monday, July 20th from 4PM - 6PM, TransWork is hosting an online panel on the experiences of Black and brown transgender/gender non-conforming (TGNC) folks within the business community. This panel will explore the challenges and successes that TGNC Black and brown folks have seen as they work to start or run their own businesses, gain or keep employment, and contend with discrimination and bias in the workplace and among employers. Join us for a critical conversation with voices that are too often marginalized both within the LGB community and our broader society.
Celena Morrison (she/her/hers)
City of Philadelphia
Executive Director of Office of LGBT Affairs
Jonil Casado (he/him/his)
Flavors of your Palate, LLC 
Personal Chef & Owner
Braxton Fleming (he/him/his)
Stealth Bros Co.
Founder & CEO
Naiymah Sanchez (she/her/hers)
ACLU of Pennsylvania
Trans Justice Program Coordinator
Ciora Thomas (she/her/hers)
Sisters PGH
Founder and President
Aeryanah von moi (she/her/hers)
The City of Philadelphia Mayor's Commission Of LGBT Affairs

TransWork is an inclusive program designed to meet employment needs, entrepreneurship aspirations, and employers' hiring goals.  In its formative stages, a committee of trans-identified Independence Business Alliance (Philadelphia's LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce) members helps govern and guide program development with support from Independence Business Alliance staff. Find out more at:

TransWork Panel: Black and Brown T/GNC in Business

  • Monday July 20 2020, 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM